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ADAway APK is an open source ads blocker with which you can block ads on the sites you visit to browse, download etc. Advertisements and popup are very annoying while surfing. It makes surfing miserable. With the help of ADAway application, you can skip all this advertisements and popup. You can choose your host files from your device using this app.

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ADAway APK is flawless software specially made for the android device. It Blocks useless and irritating ads from the web browsers and applications which show it. It lets you select your own sources of host files. You can create a “Whitelist” of websites you want to add an exception you want. You can create your own “Blacklist” too if you want. No matter what you decide, you can configure your settings the way you want.

ADAway will search the entire app residing on your device and search all the apps containing advertisements. This app needs access to complete the entire process. If you want to access all the features of the ADAway apk, you need to root your devices. Multiple tools are available with which you can root any of your Android devices. You can root your Android devices using KingoRoot or Towelroot which provides you the best free root tool and has increasing success rates.

Here are some of the ADAway APK feature enlisted:

  • ADAway block ads globally modifying HOST files of your Android device.
  • ADAway is the best app to block unwanted advertisements
  • You can set up this tool easily.
  • ADAway is a flexible tool which works with all browsers. No need to download any external plugging or extension.
  • ADAway works with all applications your device has. ADAway will never recommend you to download any ad blocker if you play such games that allow the player to get free gems or any such things after watching an ad.
  • Downloading this app will not cause your device any harm as this app is totally safe. So, keep calm and don’t worry as this app will not harm your data.
  • By clicking one button you can block all ads. You can disable them by clicking one button. No advanced stuff is included.

How to Download ADAway APK?

  • Download ADAway directly from its official site and follow the instructions given.
  • Charge your device minimum up to 80%.
  • Go to your phone settings and enable the developer option.
  • After enabling developer’s option, tap on it, after that enable the option of USB debugging. While enabling this option you may receive a warning poop up, just ignore it.
  • Then connect your mobile phone to your PC or laptop.
  • Download Mobdro APK to your PC or laptop. Downloading Mobdro APK is very easy, just search it on Google and install it from its official site.
  • Now, launch the app on your PC or laptop, and let it detect your mobile phone. Install the drivers and complete all the necessary formalities.
  • Wait for some time until everything is done. Then button labeled as ‘Root’ will appear.
  • Click on it and wait for some time. Your phone may get restarted or display some text on your screen, don’t get panic it’s the part of the process.
  • And when your phone gets restarted it means your work is done, your device is now rooted.
  • Now you can run the ADAway APK in your device successfully.

Install AD-Aware For PC and Laptop without any Software:

Many people think that installing software is a waste of time. I am here with an app named ADAway which will work on your PC and Laptop without using any software.

Follow the guide given below and enjoy the app.

  • Switch on your PC or Laptop and head over to
  • Create an account there which will take your 5 minutes.
  • Tap on launch emulator and choose your desirable screen size.
  • Upload ADAway app there and download it.
  • After installing it will work smoothly as it works on any Android device.

ADAway APK is an amazing and excellent tool for blocking ads. Although this app isn’t available via Google Play Store, it has tons of great features. simple. You can download this app from the F-Droid site.

Hope after reading all the above stuff you are clear about this ADAway APK. If you have any queries regarding this app you can contact us through comments. We will clear your queries ASAP. You can also share your experience with this app in comments.

Two simple Requirements:

Android 2.1 or updated

Rooted device


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