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The world is becoming digital, and in this digital world, no one can survive without the internet. At each and every step you need internet. Everyone tries to hack the others Wi-Fi routers to get the free internet. Here is the solution to that problem AndroDumpper application.

AndroDumpper is an application with which you can search if your access point is vulnerable to WPS protocol or not. This app allows you to check the network, we prefer to use it exclusively on your own network. AndroDumpper will run smoothly on any devices.


AndroDumpper is an app with amazing and interesting features. This app will let you know the security of your access point, and it allows you see the passwords of Wi-Fi networks you are connected to. This app allows you to detect the Wi-Fi- router connections. You can crack hidden networks.

AndroDumper 1.02 is an interesting application to access hidden WPS networks. It has specialized inbuilt algorithms with which you can crack all vulnerability network routers. This app is only 4MB in size. Supported by all types of Android device.

Android, PC, Windows, and IOS etc. supports AndroDumpper app. All these operating systems are compatible to install and use AndroDumpper app. It is having a good graphical user interface and flexible to use it. It is available in Google play store, or download from its official website link is mention below. First of all download the freemium version of AndroDumpper app which is available. No need to download premium version now. And enjoy all better and amazing features of the app without any cost.

What is AndroDumpper App Actually?

AndroDumpper is an application to test and hack the WPS enable networks, and its main focus is on access points of WPS connections.

Is it safe?

AndroDumpper is a safe app and has a high security. You can download it without any hesitation. It will not harm any of your data or anything else. Your details will remain confidential. Nobody can hack your details. Algorithms are specially designed to maintain the security.

Download AndroDumpper app for any devices like Android, PC, Laptops, IOS.  It does not ask you for sign up and login credentials to use its features. Adaway APK costs you nothing. You can download it from the Google Play Store and from its official site maintained by Osama Abu Kmail.

AndroDumpper app works on two methods:

  • Root method
  • No Root method.

Root method:

Android 4.0 and above mentioned versions supports the Root method. This method displays the complete information related enabled Wi-Fi routers access points. AndroDumpper app or iPhone is the best example to show the connected routers on it. To get passwords get connected to the connection manually and sometimes it get connected automatically. WPA or WPA 2 password will smoothly split in detailed manner.

No Root method:

No root method is the completely new way to connect WPS. AndroDumpper algorithm works properly to mantain the strategy. AndroDumpper algorithms are playing a crucial role to connect and hack vulnerability WiFi routers. Android 5.0 and above mentioned versions won’t support the Root method. In this method passwords will not appear on your Android device. It directly stores the password in your device. It connects only to the access points saved in your network list.

How To crack Wi-Fi Password Androdumper App

Your WiFi network is your own wireless gateway to the internet and you will secure your network with the password. Secure your network using more bulletproof WPA security protocol as you know it is easy to crack a WEP password. New free open source tool called AndroDumpper can crack most routers current password. Below are the Steps to crack the password.


Easy Step For Download AndroDumpper

Step 1: Download AndroDumpper app. And Enable your Wi-Fi Connection.

Step 2: Install AndroDumpper app, and Open the app

Step 3: Wait for some time to scan available Wi-Fi connections nearby you. Finishing above steps list of all available Wi-Fi connections will appear on the top of the screen.

Step 4: Both methods will work smoothly in the rooted device.

Step 5: Choose any one ‘Try with’ method.

Custom pin.

No custom pin.

Brute force (For rooted user).

Step 6: After selecting the suitable option it will try to connect the network. After the successful completion of your connection pop-up message will appear on your screen with a password, copy that password and use it. Now you can enjoy the free internet.

NOTE: Trying this app on your own network or already connected network will be worthless. You can see the successful results by using this app with your already saved networks.

Don’t post anything bad regarding this app if it won’t work with some access point. This app may not work with some access points, as that access point may not be affected by WPS bug. This site or any other member is not at all responsible for the misuse of this application.

Hope with the above-mentioned details you are totally clear that how to this use Androdumper app. We hope that none of you will misuse this app.

Keep posting your reviews in a comment. For any quires contact us through a comment, we will try to reach you ASAP. “USE THE APP, DON’T MISUSE THE APP”

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