Battlefield 4 Commander App Download for Android and iOS

This application requires that you can play your own Battlefield 4 on at least one platform, and play that with a soldier whom you have an activated at rank 10 or higher on that platform. Play the Battlefield 4 commander with the heart of the action. In Battlefield 4 Commander App you can supply the fighters with important information since the entire map, by just a brief look at your map once. Battlefield 4 Commander App adds an excellent strategic dimension in Battlefield 4 game.

Battlefield 4 commander app

Description of Battlefield 4 Commander App

Battlefield 4 is an application allowing the player to play the game in “Commander” mode from a mobile or a tablet. This game is especially for an Android Emulators . You can play this game on your Android mobile by downloading APKs file and all the related files DATA on your device. In Battlefield 4 Commander it allows you to become the Commander (Soldier) where you can see your commander progress and give them instruction via an aerial view. You can also directly target the overcome enemy and their commander by bombing through an aerial view. You can also download new supercell game brawl stars download. its really awesome game for game lovers.

Battlefield 4 commander apk Download

A feature of Battlefield 4 Commander App:


Play your own Battlefield 4 Commander App on any platform server and earn or take points and lead your team to victory from wherever you are in ranking. Join the game directly through the app or from Battlelog.


Directly order or talk to your squad with full VOIP, by replying your soldier you’ll take your teammates for SUCCESS.


Scan your area by powerful UAVs to see your enemy activity, or jam their radar using EMP. You can gather the different intel to ensure the victory of your team.


Supplies the information and vehicles to your military on the ground and make their edge powerful over the enemy. Your team work which you’ll do together will make your team better.


Turn the mode of the battle with devasting cruise missile attacks. You can also call up the powerful gunships to the circle of your strategic locations which help your team to reply the enemy forces.

How to Download and Install the Battlefield 4 Commander App for Android?

  • First, of all Android user open your respective internet browser on your device and search for BATTLEFIELD 4 Commander.
  • You’ll find many related links to download the App, Open the any of the links and download the APK file of Battlefield 4 Commander App.
  • Save it in the Download folder where you want to store the APK file and save the DATA of those files.
  • Go back to Home Screen after saving the file in the download folder.
  • Then after open the folder where you have downloaded the file.
  • Then after tapping on the file the application will be ready with full data to get installed.
  • Once, the app gets Installed shortcut of that app will be created on the Home Screen.
  • You can also start playing the game by just clicking on an icon of that respective application.
  • You can also download using Bluestacks 3 emulator.


Battlefield 4 Commander App for Android is the game where you can play it with your respective “Commander” on any platform server. It allows you to make your Soldier or Military team better by your Command or by replying them. It also allows you to take your team to victory by scanning enemy activity through UAVs and jam their radar by EMP. You can play this game by involving heartily in playing this action game.

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