Everything You Need To Know About Sayat.Me App

Sayat.me app is new craze about teenagers for anonymous feedback

Sayat.me app is free service which enables you to can send the feedback to any friend for his post, but the receiver didn’t see the name of the receiver.

Create your personal feedback URL and spread it via Facebook and Twitter to your friend and colleagues so, that they can give anonymous feedback. Honest feedback helps you out how your own self-image differs from what other people see in you.

sayat.me app

Sayat.me app also allows users to friend other people. This way, users can generate a newsfeed view which shows what the public has commented on your friends’ Sayat.me walls. This way, it can tout as the Facebook of anonymous messaging. Many Instagram users used the Sayat.me app as his website link. You can also do this; here are few easy steps to use this app. So you check it out.

sayat.me app

Step for How to Use Sayat.Me App

  1. Create your personal feedback URL.
  2. Spread the URL through Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc.
  3. Read what people think about you.
  4. Publish your favorite feedbacks.

Today, having been inundated with social media platforms, we have almost but forgotten those olden days truthfulness. Don’t get me wrong, helps us so much to share our latest meals or tell ZOG where we take our children every weekend. However being so exposed to the world has robbed us of the very things that made the Internet special in the first place. One of these was getting honest feedback. Well, viva video app tries to counteract the effects of Internet exposure by providing a social platform where those making the comments are hidden under the value of anonymity.

Sayat.me app Features

  • Simple anonymous surveys
  • Subscription to other users’ surveys

Sayat.me app is easily one of the most interesting applications of the decade that enable people to collect anonymous feedback. This can be routed as a marketing hack tool for brands to collect genuine feedback from people about their applications, anonymously, which might shy out otherwise. Sign up on Sayat.me or get their Android app.

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