How to Download SCR Pro APK for Android, IOS, MAC, Windows PC/Laptop

SCR Pro APK: SCR Pro 2 is an application that helps you record whatever running on the Android phone device screen. There are various options that can be configured while screen recording is enabled using this application such as resolution option, encoder type, sound sources etc. You don’t need specific administrator or root rights if you wish to record sound on your device.  SCR Pro 2 app is easy to use effective application which works in push-button format and starts recording as soon as you enable the recording button. The recording stops immediately as soon as you shut the screen and the files will be stored in the folder that you select from the various setup options.

SCR Pro Apk Features

SCR Pro 2 app is a great screen recording application which useful configurations and provides good results. One can record video games and perform DIY techniques using this application. Below are some of the key features and attributes of SCR Pro Application.

  • Video screen recording – One can capture mobile screen by pressing volume down button and end it by pressing the home button. It is a great way to record a game or movie in real time. After completing recording, one can even edit the final recording.
  • Audio recording – there are various call recording applications but only a few applications like SCR Pro APK supports recording internal audio that you hear while performing a task or playing game. You can record both internal and microphone sound which gives you ample flexibility.
  • Capture Mobile screen and Images – With the help of SCR Pro, one can capture mobile phone images and save them as an image or screenshot. It’s a great way to capture your real-time mobile pictures.
  • Edit recorded Videos – Another key feature of SCR Pro is that it enables you to not only record real-time mobile screen but also lets you edit the captured video according to your requirement. You can edit both video and audio stored using this application.
  • Store all videos and images you have captured – Storing captured videos and images on your mobile device or SD card is possible using SCR Pro APK for Android/iOS.

How to Download SCR Pro for Android

Installing SCR Pro Apk for Android device is quite simple and easy task. All you need to do is ensure that you have access to Google PlayStore and follow simple steps.

  1. Go to Google PlayStore and search for SCR pro in play store
  2. Select the application and click on “install”
  3. The application will be installed on your device.SCR Pro Apk

Ways to Download SCR Pro for iOS

Follow below steps to download SCR Pro for iOS devices.

  • Download SCR Pro iOS application using App Store.
  • Once downloading the app, you can install on your device
  • After installation, the setup is complete, you can open the application also select any other additional features that you need along with the basic version of this application.

Steps to download SCR Pro for Windows PC or Mac

One of the key things to keep in mind is that you cannot directly install SCR Pro apk for Windows PC or MAC device. You need additional software known as an emulator to help you download, install and run this application on your laptop or PC. Follow simple steps to download and install SCR Pro APK for Mac or Windows PC.

  • Download and run Bluestacks emulator on your Windows or MAC device
  • After the emulator is downloaded, you can search for the SCR Pro app in Bluestacks in the search tab
  • Download SCR pro application on your laptop and follow simple instructions to install it on your device
  • Steps will be similar to that of a rooted Android device.

If you get an error during installation then you can simply change the time zone of your device to your own time zone to correct the error and reinstall the application.

The Final Words

SCR Pro is a simple application which gives you three options: record video, sound or capture image. So if you are planning to start recording your mobile game tips, tricks or tutorials and upload on YouTube then SCR Pro apk is the right application for you. Additionally, you can capture screen, record audio and even edit your recordings to make them look better without requiring additional video editor app.

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