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The slack app is a cloud-based team communication application. It’s a chat app for your entire company. It has similar functions like Internet Relay Chat. With Slack divide your team into small channels for group discussion, making up of team, interests or whatever you like. Slack often known as ‘email killer’, as you need to share some of your details like mail id, password, phone number etc. it provides you a free plan forever. You can use it in groups if you want to chat with a bunch of people without any disturbance.

You can set up a room of people you want to talk about any updated news. Create your own desired team and you can have a talk with them. Slack app reduces your work as you will start working in a team. Everything will be in central place and you will be able to work smartly with its new features. The slack app is available for your Mobile and Desktops devices.

slack app

How to use the Slack app:

  • Sign up on the site. You will be the team’s admin and access your settings in your way. Once you completed the signup process there are few important things you need to set in your desired way.
  • First, is messaging restrictions. With this, you can set who can send the message using “@channel” command. If you are running a room containing a lot of people, you may want to restrict them in order to avoid the noise.
  • Then come channel and private group management. If you don’t want your users and employee creating their own channel, you can disable it.
  • Custom emoji is the amazing feature of the Adaway APK. If you don’t want users to create their own emoji and disturb the channel, you can restrict it. This restriction is for admins too.
  • Once you did with your settings your way then open the app and allow invite people in your team. You can invite them individual or in bulk via admin page.
  • You can create most using the Slack app if you install the mobile app (Windows/Android/IOS) and Desktop apps (Mac/PC/Laptop). So that will get notifications about new messages and keep your eyes on what is happening without leaving the browser page.
  • You can change notification settings from “channel notification preference”. You can set up it for both mobile and desktop notification so you can receive alerts from where you want.


Channel is the group where all the team members can chat openly. You can make channels for a particular project, topic, team or anything where everyone can see what is happening. For some critical information create a channel and add few members you want.

Direct message:

Directly send a message to a person or a small group for better conversation.


Type face-to-face and start a voice or video call in the channel or direct message. Make one-on-one or group call directly from Slack without opening another app.

Drag, Drop, Share files:

Not only messages, but your files, images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets can be dropped and share with anyone you want. You can add comments, mark star for your later reference, and you can search easily.

If you want any documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, paste the link and that document will sync immediately and it’s easy to search.

Keep all your tools in none place:

Connect all your useful tools to Slack and avoid switching between the apps. Get notifications directly from the Slack by integrating you setup. You will receive notifications from support requests, code check-ins, and error related to sales leads- all you can search in one central archive.

Search your complete archive:

In Slack, your messages, notifications, files and everything is indexed and archived automatically so you can have it in your device and open whenever you want. It also saves the contents of the each and every file you search within PDF’s, Word Documents. Google Drive, documents and more. Slice and dice your way to the message in your communication with your one search box and powerful search operators.

Slack team directory:

It is one of the amazing features which will give you a quick and immediate overview of people working in your company and how to contact them. You can access it by tapping on the “…” menu in the top right or by click on the heading of your channel site. It lists the team member along with their contact details and job titles.

Install the Slack App (IOS and Android):

  • Search Slack in the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the install button. Read the permissions appearing on the screen, and if you are satisfied, tap Accept.

Install Slack App for windows (beta):

Windows 8.1 supports Slack App. Others try the pre-release version of windows 10 mobile.

  • Search Slack in Windows Store in your windows phone.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Go to all apps and search Slack (beta) and launch the app on your device.

Install Slack App for Windows Desktop:

  • Search for Slack in windows store.
  • Tap and get the app.
  • Note: if you ever installed a version of the Slack app, uninstall it first.

Download it directly:

  • Visit the Slack App pages at
  • Tap on download below the windows icon and wait for the file to download.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to install the Slack.
  • Run Slack App after double-clicking the icon on your windows desktop.

Few Tips On Slack App

Switch to channels list by clicking the Channel Menu at top left corner. Simply click on the channel, open it and browse all channels on your team.

Reset your Notification Settings:

Choose which notifications you would like to receive by clicking on the “…” overflow menu at the top right corner. Select Settings, open the drop down menu to review the Push Notifications options.


Find notes on the latest releases as well as known issues and upcoming features directly in your Windows App:

  • Click on the overflow menu at top right.
  • Choose settings.
  • Click on the About tab.
  • Select Release Notes and read what’s new.

If you are facing any trouble regarding this app the try restarting the app.

  • Click the back button to close the Slack app.
  • Force quit by long pressing the back button, then click on the close button previewed by the Slack.

Install Slack App for Mac:

The slack desktop app is the correct way to use Slack on Mac. Along with amazing features available in your browser, this app loads your conversation without wasting your time, you can control your notification settings, and supports the multiple teams.

  • You can download Slack App directly from the App Store or the downloaded Slack Pages.
  • Search for Slack in the App Store.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Open a finder window, select the Applications folder in the sidebar, find and double tap on the Slack icon and launch it on your Mac.

Install it for Linux (beta):

  • Visit the slack download page at
  • Under Linux (beta), select Ubuntu 64-bit in the drop down menu, then tap on the green download button on the right side.
  • Search the downloaded file in your download folder. The file name will appear “slack-desktop”.
  • Double click the file to view Slack in Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Tap the Install button on the right. Enter the password you use to login in the Ubuntu.
  • To run the app, find your computer for Slack, and double click the Slack icon.

Slack app will make your working life simpler, pleasant and more productive. Hope you will try Slack. This app is available for all devices. This app is easily available. Download it for free and enjoy your work. Keep sharing your post. If you face any difficulties regarding this app comment below we will surely be in touch with you within short time.

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