How to Proceed with VLC APK Download for Android, iOS, Windows PC?

VLC APK: VLC is a media playing application which supports all major video and audio types. VLC Player Apk is used to play a different kind of multimedia files along with network streaming, devices etc. It is a complete audio player which supports different audio formats, equalizer, and filters along with formats. VLC is completely free to download open source software with no licensing, in-app purchases or advertisements. This popular application is available to download for Windows PC, Android and iOS devices.

Features of VLC Apk

The VLC application is used to watch different videos in various formats. It offers range of amazing features like mentioned below

  • The application is easy to download and install
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible to use
  • Having integration with various web streaming services
  • Supports range of formats and having improved interface
  • Allows users to play HD and play Blu-ray DVD
  • Contains additional features like it supports secondary display, good hotkey support, headphones control, gestures and audio equalizer
  • Supports different audio and video formats such as mkv, avi, mp4, 3GP, MPEG, WAV, AMR, MP3 etc. along with different media files
  • This application is also available in beta version in Android before stable version is released
  • If you want to convert one file format to another then also you can use best audio and video player tool like VLC application as it supports formats such as RMB, FLV, and MPEG. With the help of VLC application, you also get support for multi-thread decoding for MPEG, Xvid, WebM and H.264 etc along with the ability to play Blu Ray and HD video
  • With the single touch of a finger on the screen, you can easily share and play any number of files that you need. The same way, the application also supports various types of tracks such as video, subtitles, screen adjustment and can easily let you modify by using three clicks.

Download VLC Apk for Android

The application allows you to play different audio and video files in various formats. It is quite easy to investigate your library and find any multimedia file that you need in your system to play. The VLC application is easy to download and install on Android system as it is free of cost application available on Google PlayStore.

  • In order to download VLC application on your Android device first you need to enable download from unknown sources by visiting Settings > Security > Enable Unknown sources
  • Click on the application that you have searched on Google Play Store and install it. Once the installation is complete, you can simply open it and enjoy playing different audio and video formats, songs, videos or movies.VLC Apk

Ways to Download and VLC Player for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Below are some of the easy steps to download VLC application on iOS devices

  • The first thing you need to do is search for VLC application on App Store.
  • Select the application and click on download and install
  • After installation setup is complete, you can start using the application on your iOS device

Steps to download VLC Player for Windows PC or Mac

VLC Application is available for download and installs directly by accessing through Android Google PlayStore. This application is also available for Windows or MAC PC by following simple steps to download and install VLC Player apk for Windows PC or MAC.

  • Search for the VLC application as per your system model
  • If you are not able to find a suitable free source version then you can also run VLC apk by using emulators such as Bluestacks for downloading VLC apk for Windows or MAC PC.
  • Steps will be similar to that of the rooted Android device. If you get an error during installation then you can simply change the time zone of your device to your own time zone to correct the error and reinstall the application.
The Last Words

VLC apk is one of the most secure, lightweight and flexible video player applications which can be used to download and play different file formats. Even those file formats that are unrecognized can also be played using VLC app apk. One of the key things about VLC application is that it supports more of the unusual video or audio formats because it has the ability to download the required code to play the video.

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